Hi, I'm Eugene Sincovschi, a well-rounded engineer, a mentor and a passionate researcher.

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I envision a world where code quality is high and developers write readable and elegant code with ease and joy, using psychological cues to trigger small but effective refactoring.

As a software developer with over a decade of experience, I have learned the importance of clean coding for both the quality of the software and the well-being of the developers. Clean coding is not just a skill, but also a mindset that requires constant improvement and adaptation.

Explore a variety of topics related to technology, innovation and creativity in this blog. Whether you are looking for insights, tips, tutorials or reviews, you will find something useful and interesting here.

This research section will teach you some mind tricks to refactor your code automatically and boost your software quality. You will learn how to use pareidolia, pomodoro, millers law and more to improve your coding skills.

I also offer workshops that will teach you how to use psychological refactoring in your daily work, with practical exercises and feedback. By joining these workshops, you will learn how to code better and happier, while resonating with a community of like-minded developers.